• Klient:Privat
  • Byggeår:2020

The site is in Mellandsvågen in Aure Municipality on the coast of Mid Norway. Due to its fantastic view over the shipping lane to Trondheim, Fort Melland (part of Festung Norwegen) was established nearby during WWII.

The client was a former carpenter now working as a project manager for a large contractor. The cabin was built mostly by the client himself.

The clients wanted a cabin that included solutions to preserve the view, but at the same time create outdoor spaces that were sheltered form prevalent winds and unwanted insight, but at the same time capture the fantastic view.

The cabin is organized in an L shape sheltering an inner patio. Important sightlines are incorporated internal, and through the cabin from the patio. An important design criteria was to optimize contact inside out, with connections both visual and physical connections inside out, and vice versa.

A wooden laminated post- beam structure supports prefabricated trusses for the roof construction. Insulated half- timbered walls with 200mm batt insulation. Interior materials are a combination of wooden cladding of pine panel and poplar plywood. External wooden cladding is treated with a metal free impregnation that gives a weather beaten look that blends naturally in the surroundings.